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About us

    We are a Religious Organisation who operate under the Guidance of P.P.G Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahoday Shri (Kadi-Amdavad) with the following Objectives


    1). To promote and propagate Vaishnav (Pushti Marg) teachings, beliefs and the way of life in the Society.

    2). To encourage and involve the youth to participate in the Vaishnav teachings, beliefs and the way of life.

    3). To organise and celebrate auspicious Vaishnav (Pushti Marg) Utsavs and celebrations in a traditional way.

    4). To publish and distribute literature related to Pushti Marg to inspire the moral and religious values in the Society.

    5). To organise Vachnamruts, Pravachans, Classes, Events and Activities to promote Pushti Marg Philosophy.

    6). To establish Shrinathji Haveli, a place of worship for Vaishnavs in Victoria.

    7). To co-ordinate activities with other Vasihnav Sanghs and / or Organisations in Australia, India and overseas.

    8). Co-ordinate charitable activities for needy persons.

    9). Raise funds as and when required to promote and support any of the objectives listed above.




    Founding Trustees:

         Upendra Chandulal Shah
         Pravinbhai Ranchhoddas Ghelani [Since Retired]
         Dr. Rekhaben Kiritbhai Parikh
         Mehul Rajnikantbhai Sanghvi